Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hi, Welcome to my new place!... this time I made it colorful since my old house looks so glum .
Sana po magustuhan niyo (*,*)....just sit back and relax, ano po gusto niyong meryenda?....(^_^)

Thank you very much for coming! Let's enjoy
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reading fashion magazines..........

Watching movies.....

Sometimes if the Internet Access is down.... I desperately play SIMS2 (",)
Sketching or painting..............

Textile painting.....and...of course,

BLOGGING! :D......'kala niyo ha...(hahaha!)

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Monday, September 25, 2006

I was in primary two when I discovered that I have an artist instinct (*,*) lurking within me, screaming to get out...I started with human sketches. Fine Arts was my first choice before I went into college but I ended up taking Architecture instead, anyway...Archi was my 2nd option and I have no regrets. I do sketched or paint whenever I'm free, My works supposed to be for my family's eyes only but since due to the public demand (lol! just kidding..) I'd like to share it with you....enjoy viewing!

I painted it recently, pen and watercolor medium...just find the subject sexy. from fashion mags, horoscope section.

Untitled, Oil in Canvass. from my imagination..... I just love flowers.
"HUB"...watercolor in paper. gusto niya 'to kasi makapal pa hair niya dito ;-)

"Babae sa Bintana"Oil in Canvass.....I'm quite upset when I painted this piece. Finished it in a max of 30 min.

"Family" Oil in Canvass.....absolutely one of my fave.

Abstract...oil in canvass. I painted it to add color in one area of the room :-) can't afford to buy for my house deco.
"Terima Kasih"...jumpa lagi

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
*Life before ten*

I'm not a morning person, yes...blame it to my insomniac fever... I usually could catch sleep at wee hours in the morning, too bad! and in between 8 to 10 am was my time having a deep sleep. But these past few days I'm trying to be...a little sacrifice, yeah...headache...eyebags....:(

I was up and about by 5:30 am everyday, sipped my favorite Ginseng coffee at seven while reading tabloid newspaper..(aha, I do ...who cares anyway? it's easy to read, no bundled of pages to flip on. and I like guessing all those blind items at entertainment section lol!)
Tend my small garden, walked my dogs....settle my whatsoever appointments (if there's any) at nine...or ten.

So this is what my life is like before ten...and I'm beginning to love it.
Reason: I'm not running out of time now. :-D
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